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Juvenile Law

St. Bernard Parish Juvenile Law Attorney

Helping Young People Protect Their Futures

Louisiana has several unique laws when it comes to governing its youth. For example, up until March 2019, 17-year-olds were tried as adults for criminal offenses. There are other laws that can be confusing to those who are not familiar with them. The St. Bernard Parish juvenile law attorney at The Law Offices of Dan A. Robin, Jr. can help you understand the laws and ensure you get the best possible outcome for your or your loved one’s situation.

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Age of Consent in Louisiana

In this state, the legal age of consent for sexual relations can be as low as 16, provided that the other party is not older than 19. It is also legal for minors in Louisiana to make decisions regarding their own medical treatment, childcare needs, and care for sexually transmitted infections. They are not required to notify their parents about these decisions.

In cases of abortion, it is illegal for a doctor to perform one on anyone under the age of 18 without either a signed statement from one of their parents or guardians, or without a court order.

Minors in Louisiana cannot:

  • Sign binding contracts
  • File a lawsuit without a tutor or parent
  • Drink alcohol until age 21

Emancipation & Independence

In some cases, a minor may wish to leave their home and relinquish the responsibility of their parents over them. This is called emancipation, and it can occur at age 15 through what is called an authentic act that requires permission from their parents. However, by age 16, the minor can choose to emancipate themselves without parental consent.

If you have more questions about laws surrounding juveniles in Louisiana, call our St. Bernard Parish juvenile criminal defense lawyer at (504) 267-2440 today.


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