BP Gulf Oil Spill Damage Claims

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Have you been physically or financially affected due to the British Petroleum Gulf of Mexico oil spill that occurred on April 20, 2010? If so, it is important to act immediately and hire a well-informed attorney to provide legal assistance for your claim. Our firm at The Law Offices of Dan A. Robin, Jr., LLC has helped numerous clients gather evidence and properly assemble documentation for their claims so that they can receive the maximum amount of compensation that they are legally entitled to.

Have you suffered one of the following due to the BP oil spill?

  • Physical injury
  • Psychological injury
  • Commercial loss as a fisherman, oysterman, or shrimper
  • Commercial loss in the tourism industry
  • Financial loss of real estate
  • Other loss as a small business owner

Have You or Your Business Suffered Damage?

We realize that many businesses were severely impacted by the oil spill, but our injury lawyers are concerned that not everyone who is entitled to make is claim is doing so. If you or your business has suffered damages from this incident, it is absolutely essential to take legal action as soon as possible so that you can recover damages while BP is still honoring legitimate claims. While many owners are concerned about being lumped into a class-action suit, we can help you avoid this and set up an individual claim that will help you collect individual damages from the responsible parties. Our firm is well-versed in this area of law, and prepared to help you navigate any difficulties or roadblocks that you may run into along the way.

If, for any reason, you believe that you may have a legitimate claim to recover damages from the 2010 oil spill, please contact our law office immediately at (504) 267-2440 for the assistance you require!

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