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From securing the type of job that you want to applying for government assistance, having a criminal record may create serious barriers in many areas of your life, causing a significant amount of hassle and frustration. Fortunately, through a process known as expungement, many individuals who have been arrested for or convicted of a crime in Louisiana can have these records sealed and/or destroyed, essentially erasing the history of these prior events in the eyes of the law.

Having your prior criminal history expunged brings about a variety of benefits, including:

  • Being able to legally answer "no" (in many situations) when asked if you have ever been arrested or convicted
  • Having a higher chance of securing the employment and career that you want
  • Protecting your personal and professional reputation, and giving you peace of mind
  • Having a higher chance of finding an apartment, having a loan application accepted, and more
  • Being able to enroll in schools and apply for financial aid

Let Our St. Bernard Parish Criminal Defense Attorney Help You Navigate the Expungement Process!

The Law Offices of Dan A. Robin, Jr., LLC regularly assists clients with the expungement process and can help answer questions involving the specific criteria for expungement, the necessary steps to take, how your situation changes once records are sealed, and how to proceed forward according to your specific circumstances. In many instances, an expungement proceeding may be as simple as filing the proper papers.

In others, it may involve fighting against the district attorney or arresting agency. No matter the situation, our firm is fully prepared to take on your case and help you navigate the process as we work to remove your previous criminal history from the records and allow you to move on with your life.

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