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At The Law Offices of Dan A. Robin, Jr., LLC, we provide representation for our clients during the bond and bail process, including during first appearance hearings. Typically, you will take part in this hearing within 24 hours of the initial arrest, and it is important to have a St. Bernard Parish criminal defense lawyer at your side during the process. If you or a loved one have recently been arrested, and are awaiting their first appearance hearing, you may contact us at our office at any time. Calls made after hours will be transferred to our answering service, which contacts us if a client is in immediate need of our services.

During the first appearance hearing, a judge will determine:

  • Whether or not the law enforcement officer had probable cause to make the arrest
  • The dollar amount of the bond
  • Whether or not to decrease or increase the bond amount at a bond reduction hearing

What Is Bail?

Bail is a legal process by which an arrested individual is able to obtain freedom from police custody by paying a set amount of money. The exact dollar amount is determined by a judge, who will consider a variety of factors, such as prior criminal history, the seriousness of the crime, flight risk, the potential threat that the person poses to the community, and more. This payment works as a deposit and a condition of release. Essentially, the individual promises to appear in court for any schedule criminal proceedings, and is subject to arrest and the loss of the bail amount if they fail to abide by this promise.

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From the moment that you contact our criminal defense lawyer, we can start work on your case by discussing the situation with the client and their family, contacting law enforcement to determine the specific charges and anticipated bond, and making arrangements with the judge for bail. Feel free to reach out to us 24/7 for bail and bond requests, and expect someone to get back in touch with you quickly to help with the process. Call us in Chalmette now at (504) 267-2440!

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